Interview with Author Michele Hauf

                                                Michele Hauf                            



Michele has been writing romance, fantasy, action/adventure and paranormal stories for a couple decades and enjoys reading the same. It never fails that when she’s working on a project set in the icy months of winter, that it’s actually humid and hot outside, and vice versa.




1. When did you first start writing?

Early 1990s, right after having my son (who is 24 now).

2. What inspired you to write?

I’ve never been one of those people that knew she wanted to write, but instead have always had stories in my head. Wild, elaborate stories that I would think about for days, weeks on end. I decided to try my hand at writing one down one day, and I haven’t stopped since.

3. Who are some of your biggest influences?

Well, about halfway through writing my first book (a vampire story called Dark Rapture) I discovered Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat. So she has influenced my writing quite a bit.

4. Is there a special place you go and a certain mind frame you like to be in before you write?

I have an office, a few steps away from my bedroom, so the commute is pretty good. 😉 I can’t write with noise or music. I do love to have the windows open in the summer and have the birds chirping. And no certain frame of mind, though admittedly, writing the sexier scenes does require one to be in a certain frame of mind. 😉


5. What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you during your writing career?

I think it’s pretty hard to top that first sale. It was the first book I’d written and the publisher called about six months after I’d sent it out. I remember that day well. For some odd reason, my hubby was home from work early, and he was upstairs in the shower when I got the call. I had to tell him and couldn’t wait, so I ran into the shower to tell him. Yep, that was an interesting day.


6. How do you come up with all the characters and different exciting plots?

They just seem to spawn in my imagination. These weird families of vampires and werewolves and faeries and witches. I’m very visually inspired, so I can see a picture (like on Pinterest!) and want to know who or what that person is, and I can pretty much immediately decide that about them. Sometimes, those inspirations lead to stories.

8. Do you have advice for any writer who’s struggling right now?

Just write. Write every day. And then write some more.

9. What’s the silliest thing that you have ever experienced in your writing career?

Bad reviews that clearly show the reviewer has not even cracked open the book to read the contents. Some people have too much time on their hands!

10. Could you share something extra that you would like your viewers to know about you are your writing?

I love my readers and am so pleased when they email me to let me know they enjoyed a certain book. If just one person likes a story, then my work is done. I’m a happy camper. Because sometimes I think I write weird stuff, and no one is possibly going to like it. Ha! Writers are very insecure. On the other hand. I take great pride in the stories I put out there. There is a little bit of me in each and every story!

Michele is one of the most talented authors I know. She writes so fluently that it flows from your thoughts, inbeds in your heart,  but lingers in your soul. It stays with you for a long time and in hope that each series will keep repeating itself.  If you want to go check out her books look on her website for a list of them. They are a ride you will not want to miss!



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