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Happy Release Day Addison Moore!!


Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she’s not writing, she’s reading.

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                            The Dragon and the Rose
                       Celestra Forever After Book 2
                                  By, Addison Moore


Skyla Messenger’s world has forever changed after discovering a heart wrenching deception carried out by the one she trusts most.

Enemy lines have redefined themselves and Skyla finds herself, and the Nephilim people, in far more danger than ever before.

The one she loves seems lost forever.

His greatest sacrifice

will bring her greatest heartbreak…



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                       Interview with Addison Moore

1) How did you come up with Celestra? What inspired you?

I had a young adult series about a group of kids that lived on an island, and I loved it but it was missing something. I also had a book about an angel who lives on earth and the name of that book was Ethereal. I married the two and beautiful Celestra babies were born. I’m much happier with the Celestra Series.

2) Out of Logan, Gage and Marshall, who would you choose?

Tough decision! I really can’t choose. I’m a Lomargage kinda girl.

3) When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do for fun?

I hang with the kids! I’m really family focused. I’m also big on reading. I love to lose myself in new story worlds.

4) How in the world do you keep up with it all?!?! (writing all these books, keeping up with your fans and always showing them you care (which you are amazing at), along everything else that comes with being an author, plus family, social life, etc…)?

I make time for family, sleep, and myself. Writing to me has always been something that I do because I love it. I write mostly at night but my goal for the new year is to flip that.

5) Is the Celestra series going to become a movie/TV series?

The option has expired but the series is currently being shopped again, so there’s always hope!

6) With your Celestra and Countenance series, did the storyline naturally grow to branch out into two series then back again, or did you plan it that way from the beginning?

Both! I’ve known the beginning and the end of the Celestra/Celestra Forever After series since its inception. The Counts clawed at my imagination right around the same time. I started working on Ephemeral soon after I started Ethereal. The books interweave after Wicked (Celestra Series Book 4).

7) Do you like to listen to music when you’re writing (if so, do you have a specific playlist) or do you prefer peace and quiet?

I can’t write without my muse-ic! But, that being said, I can’t actually write while listening to it either. Music motivates me in a way that nothing else can. I usually listen while cleaning, walking, driving. I have a play list for most of my books over on Spotify. My username is Addisonmoore, and I’m pretty sure it’s public. I listen to some goofy stuff.

8) When you are writing, do you hear the story in your head or do you have it outlined beforehand? What is your process?

Both! I have to have a brief idea of the beginning, middle, and end, but then I gladly let the characters off the leash and see how they fill in the blanks. I like to be surprised, too!

9) In a series, or writing in general, do you have the characters lined up beforehand or do they present themselves as you go?

I have to know who’s on the canvas. If I add characters, that means they’ve been in the works for a while and they have a purpose and a plan. It doesn’t have to be big, I just need to know who they are and what they add to the story.

10) Have you ever thought the story was going to go one way, only to have it go a totally different way?

Hmm.. not really. I once tried to pants a story without any idea of what was going to happen next and painted myself in a corner. I ended up with a book I couldn’t finish. I’ve learned from that experience, and now I usually have the basic underpinnings of the novel before I jump in. The rest is pretty organic.

11) Did you always aspire to be a writer? If not, what did you want to be when you were little? At what age did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

At about 5th grade I knew I wanted to write. I spent most of my days devouring books at the library and if I ever had any spending money that went straight to the bookstore. I still get a high from the scent of paperbacks.

12) What did you do before you became an author?

I like to tease people when I say I spent the entire Clinton administration on a locked psychiatric unit—well, actually I did—as a therapist. I ran the groups and taught life skills and coping mechanisms. Art anyone? Yeah, that was me, too. We also had pet therapy. Fun times. But the unit closed down, and I was out of a job.

13) Are there any male’s in particular that inspired the characters Logan, Gage and Marshall? (Especially Logan!)

Honestly, Logan has been around for quite sometime (5th grade! That was an eventful year apparently). I tried to dream up the perfect guy and thus Logan Oliver was born. Marshall is a sexed-up Logan offshoot (perhaps the grown up version? Ha!) And Gage is a real person. Did I just say that out loud?


14) Does your writing ever mimic your life?

Um, yes. Yes. And YES! I don’t need to look too far for material. Most of that gets relegated to Skyla.

15) Does anyone help you with the sarcasm and wit in your writing or does it come natural? Are you that way in real life?

My son would love for me to say him. I’m just sarcastic by nature. Believe me it’s a gift best utilized in books. In real life, my sharp tongue can go quite unappreciated. Shocking, I know!

16) What are you reading right now?

I’m reading Ten Tiny Breaths. I just finished The Book of Moses and You before Me.

17) Who’s your favorite author(s)? What’s your favorite book(s)?

I fell in LOVE with Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty! I still have a place in my heart for The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath, though. I’ve read that countless times.

18) Which do you prefer writing more, steamy romance scenes or snarky back and forths?

I like to do both in my books. The snark just seems like the perfect touch of flirtation, lol! And I really love the steamy payoff, especially when I know my characters are dying for it.


19) If you could live in any one of your books, which would it be and why?

Why, Paragon of course! It would be a bit scary, but I hear there’s a Sector who might be extra friendly to a girl in need. Skyla better watch her back.

20) Out of all of your books, who is your absolute favorite character?

Yikes, just one? Hmm… I really love them all. It’s like trying pick a favorite child. I think if I could pick a group to go out to dinner with it would be my Paragon peeps.

21) Where did the idea for Burning Through Gravity originate?

Oh Stevie! My wicked, twisted, Stevie…how much do I love you? This book was steeped in what ifs. I wanted a character that was so hurt from her past that she was an emotional zombie. And Ford, what can I say about that piece of man-candy? Ford and Stevie were trouble from the first word I put down on the page, and I loved every minute of that psychotic ride. But, back to the question, I got the idea after reading a series of articles on company takeovers. I was fascinated and saddened by the damage they inflicted on just about everyone involved.

***Lightning round!***

What’s your favorite color? Lavender.

Favorite artist? Georgia O’ Keefe.

Favorite car? Range Rover (My hubby says never).

Favorite movie, actor/actress? I love Bill Murray! And I love Kate Hudson.

Favorite cartoon? Rugrats.

Favorite midnight snack? I’m such a foodie. Anything really, except bananas. I’m convinced they give me nightmares so never those. I eat one for breakfast every morning just to make up for it.

Addison is one of the most down to earth compassionate people. I know. I feel privileged to work with her daily. Not many people bleed the soul into my heart spilling into my soul but Addison’s writing manages to do that. You dive in and lose all time and reality because its so life lie and smoothly flowing that it feels like you’re actually there. Way to go Addison! My review will follow soon! Check out the Celestra Series you have to read them. They are awesome!!!

Duke in Devil’s Clothing by Nina Mason New Erotic Historical Romance

                    Duke in Devil’s Clothing
                     By Author Nina Mason

Duke in Devil’s Clothing is a highly erotic historical romance set in Scotland during the Restoration Period (1680). The book features voyeurism, bondage, flagellation, and a voyeur menage. It will be released in mid-January (I’m aiming for Saturday the 17th) and will be the first in a trilogy titled Royal Pains, which will feature the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody.

Meet Maggie York


Maggie York, a convent-raised foundling, knows the Duke of Dunwoody’s sexual tastes are a shade or two darker than normal, but marries him anyway—partly because she has no other prospects and partly because, try as she might, she can’t seem to exorcize her desire for the dashing devil.

Two years ago, a voyeuristic experience involving the duke lured her from the garden of innocence into the orchard of forbidden fruit, and she’s been hungry for more ever since.


Meet the Duke

Robert Armstrong, the duke, is a Roman Catholic whose extreme devotions as a child warped his desires as a man. He’s also a slave to the times in which he lives–and to his king. Everything he is, everything he holds dear, depends on staying in Charles II’s good graces. Unfortunately, Maggie isn’t the bride the king selected for him. Now, to make amends, the duke must choose between the lesser of two evils: whore his wife or be reduced to a penniless commoner.

Whose interests will Robert choose to serve, his own, the king’s, or the woman he loves?

Here’s the tagline: Forbidden fruit is always the most delicious…

And here’s the link to the 18+ trailer on YouTube:

Here’s an excerpt from the Prologue:

Maggie York had not set out to be a spy.

She’d only come into the housekeeper’s closet to look for a bootlace. It had finally stopped raining and she was eager to escape the musty, smoke-choked prison the castle had become over the past se’nnight. Sick to death of books and needlework, she yearned to be out of doors picking flowers or stalking rabbits, but could do neither of those things until she’d replaced the broken lace on her boots.

Her abigail, as usual, was nowhere to be found, so Maggie had ventured below stairs to apply to the housekeeper for aid. To Maggie’s vexation, Mrs. McQueen was nowhere to be found, either, and, too impatient to await her return, the young ducal ward elected to hunt for the needed item herself.

Now, she was where she should not be and someone was coming. Two someones, actually. If they caught her here, she’d be punished the way she’d been several years past when she’d broken the vase belonging to the duke’s mother. The old duke, the young duke’s late father, had tanned her hide so severely she hadn’t been able to sit down for a full week without wincing.

Fear pumped through Maggie’s veins as the larksome duet drew nearer. The lady was her absent abigail. The gentleman’s laughter she could not place. The duchy employed several male servants—footmen, a valet, a coachman, a gardener, and a handful of strapping young grooms–but the baritone tenor was unlike any of theirs. Neither was it the laugh of the duke’s younger brother, who’d been blessed with a cheerful disposition. The sounds of Hugh’s gaiety echoed so often through the castle’s corridors, she would have known it anywhere.

There was, however, one gentleman residing at Balloch who’d never laughed within range of her hearing. Once or twice, he’d deigned to grace her with a smile—and, Lord bless her—what a thing of beauty ‘twas to behold. Like the sun breaking through the clouds on a gloomy day. The merest glimpse made her bones feel like they were made from tallow. What a pity he was so seldom cheerful.

The laughter grew still louder. As the door opened wider, panic erupted in Maggie’s chest. She could not let them find her snooping like a common thief. Pulse racing, she closed the French doors betwixt closet and room as swiftly and quietly as circumstances permitted.

As luck would have it, the door’s linen curtains were arranged in such a way as to allow her to see into the room without being observed. The man came in first.

Her breath caught when she saw ‘twas none other than the duke himself—in naught but his kilt and shirtsleeves!


Mistress Honeywell, her lady’s maid, soon followed in her usual tartan dress but sans shoes.
Why were they both half undressed? What could they be about?

Maggie bit her lip as she watched in breathless silence.

After locking the door, the duke dropped the key into his sporran and led Mistress Honeywell to a long sofa facing the closet. Maggie’s heart leapt into her throat. She drew back and held her breath. If he saw her, she was doomed.

The maid sat quietly whilst he filled the antimonial cup with Mrs. McQueen’s medicinal whisky. Was the duke ill perchance?
His grace returned to the sofa and handed Mistress Honeywell the whisky. Was it the maid who’d taken ill? If so, why apply to the duke for physick? Maggie could not reason it out.

He stood over the maid as she drank the whisky. Since his back was to the closet, Maggie could not see what passed between them. After a spell, Mistress Honeywell rose and they turned to face one another, providing a perfect view of their full-length profiles.

Maggie expected them to embrace, but they did not.

Instead, Mistress Honeywell set about unlacing her bodice whilst he watched with rapt interest.

The maid wore no stays, but clearly had no need of their support. Her paps, though large, stood as proud and sure as a pair of cockerels.

When Mistress Honeywell was down to her shift, the duke stepped forward, untied the neckline drawstring, and reached inside with both hands.

Maggie swallowed a gasp when he seized both the maid’s breasts and proceeded to knead them like dough. Mistress Honeywell, astonishingly enough, offered no reproach. She only tipped back her head, parted her lips, and emitted a breathy sigh.

How could she abide, let alone enjoy, such exploitation? If a man ever treated Maggie thusly, she’d slap him so hard he’d see stars for a week!

The duke swept the shift off the maid’s shoulders. The thin garment slipped down her body to her ankles. To Maggie’s astonishment, Mistress Honeywell appeared to be unashamed–either by her nudity or his grace’s covetous stares.

By the light of Our Lady’s brow! Such impiety was not to be borne. How could they be so wicked? As Roman Catholics, both had to know what they were doing was sinful.


     Here’s a wee bit about the author:


Nina Mason is a hopeful romantic with strong affinities for history, mythology, and the metaphysical. She strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten.

She has two books out at present: The Queen of Swords, a darkly erotic Scottish paranormal romance/urban fantasy, and The Tin Man, a political thriller.

Ms. Mason is currently at work on two new series’: an erotic historical trilogy titled Royal Pains and a four-part erotic paranormal/fantasy series titled The Knights of Avalon. Devil in Duke’s Clothing is book one in Royal Pains. Starry Knight, book one in the Knights of Avalon will be released on August 4, 2015 by Lyrical/Kensington.

When not writing, she works as a communications consultant, doll maker, and home-stager. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Ms. Mason currently lives with her husband, teenage daughter, two rescue cats, and a Westie named Robert just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Her other books:

The Queen of Swords ( The Tin Man ( Devil in Duke’s Clothing, book one in Royal Pains Trilogy (coming in January, 2015) Starry Knight, book one in the Knights of Avalon, a four-part erotic PNR/UF series (coming from Lyrical/Kensington on August 4, 2015)




Twitter: @NinaMasonAuthor


Watch my book trailers on YouTube:


Sia by Kia Carrington-Russell Book Tour


Eighteen years have now passed since the Great Phantom Wolf, Sia, overthrew King Taleb’s rule. The dishonorable monarch was responsible for befriending a human, whom he then used to curse Sia and slaughter her pack. Sia then faced her greatest challenge when she was forced to kill her lover, Kiba—the rightful heir to the throne. Sia murdered Taleb for his transgressions, before resting in peace among her Spirit Pack. Their sacrifices were not forgotten by those whose lives they had defended.

Saith and Keeley now rule over the Kingdom, endeavoring to restore peace and allegiance throughout the land. Their actions are clouded in secrecy so that their daughter—whom they named Sia—should remain protected and unaware. But what are they preparing for?

Sia, now almost eighteen years of age, fights for her independence against her inexpressive guard, Trim, who protects her because of a promise he made to the late Phantom Wolf. Sia must face her own journey to discover the mysteries her world has to offer. Her curiosity is piqued by the fear that shadows all wolves: the threat of the humans. So what happens when she comes across one?

Mistrust and lies decay the Kingdom’s solidarity. Sia must learn whom to trust in both the living and the Spirit World. Where will this lead her? Will her love for Trim be returned? Or will he always cringe when he hears the name that reminds him too greatly of the love he once held for the Great Phantom Wolf?


Trim walked protectively behind me, on guard after our confrontation. I dropped to my knees beside the young doe, gliding my hand over her nose and soothing her. I reached for the arrow and put her out of her misery. She squealed softly before her breath against my hand ceased. I looked to the blue sky, apologetic that she had been killed too soon. I gave thanks to her for the food that would feed my pack. I turned to Trim, grateful for his presence. “I neither like them nor trust them,” I spoke honestly.

“If you need me, you know I will be close,” Trim said, offering his hand to me to help me stand.

I leaned toward him. My forehead was so close to his and his lips were so reachable and yet untouchable. I hesitated, wanting his hot breath on mine. I could feel his heat rising as my own did, and his tail started to flicker back and forth. I looked up again, hoping to see a reflection of my own desire in his eyes. If his body reacted this way with me so close to him, then surely it meant he wanted the same thing. I leaned in toward him, brushing my nose against his and looking for consent to kiss him. He stiffened under my touch. He moved slightly toward me then paused before pulling away with a heavy breath.

For far too long I had lived in the shadow of the legendary Phantom Wolf, Sia. Her name was now mine, and when people looked at me I often saw their eyes widen as they recalled her legend. Although she passed before I was even born, my existence prompted them to recall her story, her sacrifice

My screams ceased and I listened—I heard the footsteps coming closer. I was shaking so severely that I could not run or hide; I simply stood, my face in my hands. I felt hot breath on my neck but I was unable to look up at he who was about to kill me. I could not move or scream. I was utterly defenceless.

I felt now that I was only a mere promise he had made a long time ago; that I held no more value to him than keeping an oath he had made to Sia, the Phantom Wolf.

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                            Author Bio

Kia Carrington-Russell is a young author working on her first series: “The Three Immortal Blades”. Kia began writing at the age of fifteen in high school- finding that all her warped and strange dreams were giving her a fantastic new world- and since then she has never looked back.

Kia Carrington-Russell

Kia was born in a small town in Australia, moving around a lot at a young age until finding a stable town where she finished her schooling. Kia found herself enjoying and expressing herself through poetry, short stories and writing, photography, painting and drawing. All these mediums help Kia express the different world that she is so fond of.

In ‘Senior Art’ Kia focused on feminism and female empowerment; exposing through her work issues and concerns that many people would rather just “sweep under the rug”.

In one art installation, Kia made a bed out of Pokémon cards- the concept being that when she slept a new world would come to life and it was the only one she saw and constantly lived in.

Kia now focuses on her photography, writing and self-help blogs on her website: ‘Precious Living’.

Kia is now keenly working on “The Three Immortal Blades” series knowing that this book has to be shared with the world and that is what she aims to do now.

Kia writes in her Australian home, trying to focus at times on simply what is running through her head, as her cats either terrorize her legs as scratching posts or her puppy barks in her ear for play-time. And as she continues her series, they grow with her book.

Kia is strongly supported by her friends and family and thanks them dearly for being with her along the bumpy road and nothing would please her more than having your support as well.

You can catch Kia on these sites below:

These are the series both Phantom Wolf and Sia:

Review of Phantom Wolf by Kia Carrington-Russell

                          Phantom Wolf 


Sia is a Phantom Wolf. Neither dead nor alive—and rotting from the inside—she is on the edge of her curse. Once a Phantom Wolf has been created, they hunt their blood pack and slaughter all their loved ones. Except for Sia, who woke years after her death to find herself rampaging through the land on a lonely path. She continues to run from the rival pack that hunts her because she is a Phantom Wolf. Attracted to a scent, Sia finds her old best friend, who is now a grown woman. Having once saved Keeley, Sia takes the role of protector yet again, despite Keeley’s involvement with the mysterious Alpha, Kiba, and his kin brother, Saith. An ambush separates the pack and the four of them blindly fight the new warriors that attack them: desperately needing to find out where the attacks are coming from, as Sia has vowed to protect Keeley. But at what cost? Now being chased, Sia finds herself conflicted by the mortal and spirit world while trying to protect her kin. Sia must confront her fears, as well as the human lover who killed her many years before. It is not only survival Sia contends with, but her own façade that must be broken so that she may find peace within herself once more.


Personally I loved this story,one adventure after another. There us a sad but somewhat bitter sweet story and I can’t wait to see the journey the next book takes me on. I’m really excited about it! Its an unusual read and that makes it even more intriguing. Sia lives in a world that’s most definitely different and rare. This is a different story about humans mainly in form but with wolf ears and tail. She is betrayed in the worst possible way that’s hard to swallow especially the death of her whole pack. Keeley didn’t belong to Sia’s pack which is how she escaped death but Sia called her kin though. Later in the years Sia finds out shes really a Phantom Wolf, most mistreated. She becomes the hunted but really this actually a blessing because she is soon reunited with Keeley. She then starts tearing away the layers she so viciously put up around her heart. Be prepared to be on an emotional character roller coaster because this story has it. The characters feel real because they are so down to earth. Will she get her love interest Kiba? Kiba is the perfect wolf man. Its a bitter sweet story giving you an awesome ride. I can’t wait to find out more! Kiba is one that’s used to being listened too but, Sia makes it a challenge indeed!

Kia has a wonderful imagination that makes a graphic plot through out the entire book. She is definitely talented. I would also recommend this to young teens because its clean but very imaginative with lots of twist and turns to peek anyone’s interested all ages included!  She’s deffinately singing to my tune!