Review of Shatter Me The Jaded Series by Alex Grayson

Shatter Me
The Jaded Series
Alex Grayson

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 Shatter Me by Alex Grayson


I’m running, as fast and as far as I can. My past is trying to shatter me, but I am determined not to let it. I’ve come this far, I won’t let it break me now.

I had to stop in a small town to get enough money to run again, but I found myself wanting to stay. The reason? Jaxon Walker. He doesn’t make me so afraid. He comforts me. But how much comfort will it take before my walls shatter? And what happens when my past finds me? Will it destroy me finally or could Jax possibly save me?

My name is Bailey Winsor and this is my story.

My Review

Wow this book was amazing. The abuse and violence was so realistic along the lines of what people go through as well as over come. I know I’m an over comer. The triggers alone could take a lifetime to overcome but with good family support it happens. This book portrays that to preciseness that it’s unreal. It’s well written with a plot that has awesome twist that you would never see coming. Shatter Me has definitely made its name because not only is the character shattered but it leaves you feeling such empathy that you’re a mess. Alex is phenomenal in grabbing the reader and sucking you in to the characters lives. She doesn’t just show you what readers want to hear but also covers the hard parts of life that people have to overcome. To me it’s such a healing tool because people that do relate can see beyond the hurt and picture a better tomorrow. It’s both raw and emotional with a spice of sugar and cinnamon giving it a perfect balance. It’s especially profound because this was Alex Grayson debut! Wow awesome Job Alex! You are one talented person!

The emotions run high through out the story putting you on that roller coaster of events in your mind. While this book is not for everyone, a person can see it as a way to a brighter side of things. The characters seem to create strong bonds with each other and lasting friendships and relationships that are few and far between.

Angel ,as Jaxon calls her, has experience the horror story of a lifetime not just childhood but on into adulthood, but develops strong will out of it and trust that she never thought she would have. Jaxon is the same in his own little world has experienced lost and pain. I didn’t expect the end!

Wow this ending left me a blubbering mess lol. Lost is not new to me so I totally related to this. It is something that causes spurts of pain through a life time. This story shows what a good support system can do for you though.

Jaded Hollow is a special place that holds dear in your heart once you read this. It’s not just a town but a family that creates a safe place for each to come too. Jaxon can protect me anytime lol. This is a book that’s not just about abuse. That’s just the story, it’s about finding yourself and believing in something bigger the you are. Alex is an exceptional writer that has managed to pull me into to her world. I’ve read thousands of books and not many leave me such a mess but wanting more. I can say Alex Grayson has managed that. Way to go Alex! I’d read anything of yours lady!

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 Reclaim Me by Alex Grayson

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