A.M. Hudson Bound By Secrets Review




The novel-length epilogue to AM Hudson’s internationally bestselling Bound & Dark Secrets series.

The last words came up on the page, but they weren’t done telling their story. Join Ara and David for one final and epic tale of love, loss, tragedy, and the roller coaster of emotions you have come to expect from this author.


“Wow! This book truly touched me on a new level! Move over Twilight! Be prepared to tap into an emotional roller coaster of a lifetime!”~Nook Books and More Blog

Bound by Secrets, A treat for lovers of the paranormal fiction, sees the return of David and Ara’s love continued from Dark Secrets Series and the tragic ending in Bound.

I fell in love with The Dark Secrets Series so long ago. It has been a favorite read of mine for years. I was devastated when the happiness David and Ara and the ending at the completion of Bound 2 was clearly not enough for me. Even though this is,for now the ending, I had to savor this book because I’m such in love with their story and I’m sad for that but, the ending left you at a feeling of content because you knew they deserved their HEA.

I laughed, whined, fussed, literally cried a balling mess, and screamed, said a few things I’d rather not repeat, lol had my heart break and then had it put back together, and I fell in love all over again with my most favorite book boyfriend because I could see him in a level I’ve never seen before. Omg it was such a rush! My husband thought I was absolutely nuts but, you would read this series just by watching the emotions people endure out of pure intrigue. This SERIES is one of the Bestselling vampire series ever! Way to go Angie! You manage to pull things out of me I’ve never thought possible. I’m addicted to yet another of your books.

Ara has so much heart ache and pain for someone her age, and she feels so much. On a level that you just can’t comprehend. I love how A.M. Hudson shows in this book as the others how mistakes have direr consequences…..and then Ara grows as a person from them. 

David’s character development is truly an inspiration. You get to see him like never before because he is human. He feels so deeply and I know deep down its not just the curse…or is it? Read and find out!

AM Hudson has such depth to her characters that you can visualize and see every step of their character development. It’s as though you are experiencing the entire story yourself. This story is much different then your average vampire romance story. It’s has plots, twist, turns only AM Hudson is capable of. If you read just one of her books you could totally relate to that. I have to admit that most books it’s hard to make me cry. I was a complete mess in some parts so be prepared to order in and read through the night with this book. Your family want see you til it’s through! Thank you Angie for this book!

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