The Scribbler Guardian: Arks Of Octava by Lucian Bane

 The Scribbler ebook

The Scribbler Guardian

Arks Of Octava

Lucian Bane

Jeremiah Poe isn’t just any character in the Realm of Fiction.; he is The Muse Rider, written with special powers. Able to tap into the minds of other Scribblers, Poe can change the outcome of people’s lives on Octava.

But when Poe learns that ancient codes are being broken in his realm and that his Scribbler may be in danger, he reverses the 8-fold way and goes to Earth to find him.

But when he arrives, he’s astonished to learn that his Scribbler knows nothing of his actual existence, or his entire fictional world, Octava. To further complicate his confoundment, he learns that his Scribbler is not a he, but a she.

As they team up to find what’s destroying their realms, Poe’s powers on Earth grow stronger. But it’s his growing feelings for his Scribbler that become the greatest threat of all. With his character being designed to never fall in love, he can’t exist in either realm. And his Scribbler is forced to pen the impossible into his world.

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Hello, Lucian here. I’m a husband, author, and Christian who loves writing tales—paranormal erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance, fantasy romance, dark erotica and romantic thrillers– about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. Also stories that are real enough to form a sort of how-to bridge for the readers, teaching them “how to” add heat and passion to their marriages and relationships; teach them how to build life-long commitments–like I have with my own beautiful wife–and build strong families; all of which serve as a healthy foundation in society.

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the strength that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband. Teach them how to dance out their fairytale romance in a world that isn’t kind to the happily ever afters we all hope to achieve.

You know, when I was younger, I submitted to my inner reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. A man that believes and endorses Forever Love. Something we could stand a lot more of in our times, don’t you think?


A review of Blood Reign BK 4 The Blood Series by Tamara Rose Blodgett

 Blood Reign

Blood Reign
Alpha Warriors of the Blood
(The Blood Series) BK 4

By Tamara Rose Blodgett


Her blood sings to them… a melody no supernatural can ignore…

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love…

Julia’s sworn enemies are safely sequestered in a prison of the fey and her forever mate has been chosen. Not by blood, but by a circumstance shaped from coincidence. However, it’s not enough to save Julia and the others their fate by the hand of the Alaska den. Whose reacquisition has come alarmingly full-circle to capture them.

Tharell of the fey aligns with the Singers, Were and remaining vampire to take back the one true Queen. Only Julia can stop the interspecies wars and establish a truce of genetics that would free all the groups from extinction and conflict.

Can they rescue Julia and her allies before it’s too late? Will the Red Were’s lineage prove to be the catalyst of victory against a corrupt pack that’s grown too debauched by greed and power to be overcome?

Full length novel; New adult fiction, 17+


It’s captivatingly suspenseful, spontaneous, yet sinful and exciting rolled into one – Nook Books and More Blog

There are more characters added to this book as well. It gives it yet again a more darker spin in which I really enjoy. You can expect the unexpected as you travel through the different sides and turmoil that Ms. Blodgett has woven. Oh what a tangle web we weave!

The story has several POV as per the other books giving you a clear picture of much detail as each scene plays out. The reader is able to stay focused with this because the adventure is so wrapped up in this book that you can’t put it down. It’s as though I can picture it all. I freaking love it as the good clashes against evil, and they collide! Who will survive? You’ll have to read it to see.

The flow is very easy to follow and impeccably written. I’d definitely read anything Ms Blodgett writes. Way to go on another outstanding read. I can’t wait to do dig into another.

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A review of Heart of Marley by T.K. Leigh

Heart of Marley
TK Leigh



To the moon and back…

From the stars to the ocean…

That was Marley and Cameron Bowen’s secret code.

Twins born just five minutes apart, they have the perfect life… Until tragedy strikes just weeks after their eighth birthday and their father is killed by a drunk driver. Having trouble coping with the loss of her soul mate, their mother tries to find comfort in drugs and alcohol… And an abusive man with a penchant for underage girls. No longer able to stand listening to his sister’s screams and cries every night for nearly three years, Cam takes matters into his own hands and they’re finally able to escape the nightmare.

They’re finally able to start over…

But the nightmare still haunts Marley. The years go on and she is forced to put on a smile, making everyone think that she is the perfect, well-adjusted teenager that she is supposed to be… Until she is faced with a painful reminder of her past during her senior year of high school and she’s no longer able to keep on the mask that she has been comp


It’s raw, deep, and beautiful. It’s gut wrenching, yet overwhelming emotionally and and spontaneously sentimental. – Nook Books and More Blog

Heart of Marley is a story that will suck you in from the start. It touches on the most deepest level of what children dace today. Even though the story at times bleeds through your soul, it shows the love of a brother for his twin sister and the battle to help her overcome her past. It’s a phenomenal read that rocks you to your core. Cam and Marley’s story is breathtakingly beautiful.

There journey shows the battles that this brother and sister face. It touches me on such a personal level because my childhood wasn’t the greatest but, staying strong and overcoming such huge obstacle that slows your path to your true destiny is the key to making positive changes and becoming who you were destined to be from the start.

Marley and Cam are taken away from their mother to go live with their aunt and uncle. Marley is made to believe that she must keep her past a secret. Cam knows the truth. What will he do? Cams strength and Marley’s courage really shines and shows you what love can do in battles and trials. Love truly does conquer all. This journey they embark on had me balling like a baby from the loss. I’ve experienced a lot of loss in my life the last few years. This book was a tough one but, at the same time it gave me inspiration. Thank you TK Leigh for such a touching book. It truly brought me to my knees.

The writers words bled off the page into your heart like a breathtakingly beautiful song, it touched you from the start. Those notes reach your heart and bleed through to your soul with impeccable beauty. The flow is phenomenal and easy to follow as if you are a part of the story from beginning to end. I would most definitely be reading her work again and anything she writes. Well done!

Watch for my reviews on The beautiful mess…coming soon!

A Review of Celestra Forever After Series BK 3 : Surpentine Butterfly by Addison Moore

 Serpentine Butterfly

Addison Moore

Celestra Forever After
Book 3
Surpentine Butterfly


I thought he’d be here to love me forever. I thought he’d stand right by my side. He’d never leave me. Never betray me. I thought I could trust him—until death do us part.

Skyla Messenger’s life is changing, alliances are shifting, the Nephilim regrouping, her family expanding.

When unexpected circumstances are thrown her way, Skyla has to draw on her inner strength for the sake of her people and her family. And when she needs them most her powers prove stronger, far more unstoppable than ever before. Tired of abiding by faction rules, Skyla learns that sometimes to survive you must defy them all.

Editorial Reviews

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAYbestselling author, Addison Moore

Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

Nook Books says;

It’s intoxicating, breathtaking, beautiful written yet sinfully delicious every last word. Addison Moore’s writing has such a sense of humor that you hanged on every last word! It’s as if you are in the story -Nook Books and More Blog


The Angles have captured my heart yet again! Paragon is in for a big change. There are so many twist and turns that your on the edge of your seat at all times. When I said before in reviews on books about being able to experience every emotion, it doesn’t even compare. So, be prepared!

It’s intoxicating, breathtaking, beautiful written yet sinfully delicious every last word. Addison Moore’s writing has such a sense of humor that you hanged on every last word! It’s as if you are in the story -Nook Books and More Blog

The characters have developed into the brink of adulthood and it’s a joy to watch the stages of development. It will keep you either laughing or crying for hours. Lol. Though at times I want to throat punch some people, yes even Skylar. Lol.

The flow of the book is most exceptional. Addison’s words stream off the page as if it’s a fine tune violin singing it’s utterly sweet notes one word at a time. This book makes you live and breath Paragon! It makes you want to start the entire series over!

I can not or iterate enough how much this series is a MUST READ! It’s a very long series but, well worth the sacrifice. You’ll be drawn into the characters darkness and witty attitudes. Then you’ll began to sleep and breath it. It’s not the normal series that has adventures that are a true WOW factor, but it’s such a dark and funny ride that totally blows your mind on each drama unfolding. Asking yourself, Omg! Did that just happened? Way to go Addison! I can’t wait for the next book!

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Review of Dorians Destiny Altered by Amanda Long

Dorians Destiny

Amanda Long



Dorian dedicated his life to God; however, one brutal evening forever altered his chosen path. Confused and angry, he eventually turns his back on his faith. Forced to leave behind everything he’s ever known, Dorian struggles alone. After he abandons all hope of a proper existence, a charming stranger arrives offering answers and guidance down a much darker path. As he begins to come to terms with his fate, a young woman promises hope. Will he accept his new dark destiny or will love alter his path yet again?


This is an exceptional enduring vampire story. Superlative writing and character development – Nook Books and More Blogs

Dorian is a dedicated man of God. Destined to follow in his Adopted Earthly father. Things turn for a different twist causing Dorians life to turn upside down. He battles a journey learning his new path. Is that the path he’s destined for? You’ll have to read the book. Their is a glimmer of hope when he meets a young women that rocks his world.

Dorian is a vampire that is not worldly. His character is not that of a dark predictor. He’s still pure at heart. Will his dark nature prevail? He is a vampire after all.

Thomas is a vampire to his true nature. He befriends Dorian and takes him under his wing. What’s his motive? I’m intrigued to find out his story next. He’s dark and forbidding and deviously sinful, yet scary as hell.

Meagan is a Nurse that’s compassionate and caring through and through. She comes into Dorians life and they collide to a destiny that’s unknown at the moment. Her heart is pure. How can they be together?

Josie is a best friend that’s a true nurturer. Her spirit is truly dedicated and how friends should be in life.

Together these characters develop into a wonderful story of beauty and they embark in battles of their own in life. The love story is exceptional sweet yet a hint innocence. It’s moving and wonderfully strange story rolled in to one.

The characters battle to find themselves and few are struggling at times to stay on the path that God has set for them. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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 Dorian's Destiny