LIVE! CLAW by Lucian Bane

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 Lucian Bane Claw

By Bestselling Author Lucian Bane

#Erotic #Romance #Suspense 

Synopsis: Dante is a skin artist, a murderer, and a healer. Hired by a religious couple to troubleshoot a barren marriage, he sets out to bring the miracle they crave. But disturbing secrets arise about the couple and Dante’s protocols take a dark turn in response.


Rin watched the man from upstairs in her bedroom. She made sure she couldn’t be seen. He was terrifying. Those scars on his neck and face. And his body too she realized as she watched him do laps like an Olympic swimmer. Her stomach got sick at thinking about her husband. He’d not called her except to let her know when the “healer” was coming. He didn’t have time to talk. He said he’d call that night. She hoped he didn’t. She didn’t want to hear his voice.

He jumped out of the pool and she backed away from the window, still straining her neck to see. Her heart hammered in her chest as he grabbed the towel on the chair. The ripple of muscle was hypnotizing and she fought to tear her eyes away, feeling the burn of sin. But she couldn’t help it. She’d seen Dary’ls chest only a couple of times, once not long after they were married. She’d never forget the sting of that moment and how furious he was. “You don’t look at me naked,” he’d said. “It’s not right. Sex isn’t about lust, it’s about life.”

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