Review of Vampire Chronicles by The Best Sellings Authors AM Hudson, Kia Carrington Russell, Alsiha Basso, and Tima Maria Lacoba

 Vampire Chronicles

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Vampire Chronicles
Boxed Set 

Best Selling Authors

AM Hudson
Kia Carrington Russell
Alisha Basso
Tima Maria Lacoba
Boxed Set: Three full-length vampire novels 

Bonus novella 


Dark Secrets by AM Hudson

Lost in the struggle to find happiness again after losing her family and moving to a new country, Ara befriends the oddly alluring David Knight. Torn between the love of a childhood friend and the deep connection that’s forming with David, she will be asked to make a decision about their relationship before she’s even ready to admit her feelings. But a cruel stranger enters her life on the night of the town masquerade and forces her hand, taking away what little innocence Ara had left.

Token Huntress by Kia Carrington-Russell

The sun’s light dimmed many centuries before; now in the year of 2,341 rampant vampires now stalk their victims in a half-lit world. Humanity has been overtaken by a new society: one comprised of vampires, the supernatural beings that hunt them, and the remaining humans they fight over. The laws and rules that once bound our world have long since been lost. Now, the Hunter Guild struggle to stay one step ahead of the Vampire Council. Esmore, Token Huntress, has exceeded all expectations at only 18 years of age. She is fearless leader to her team, and she is relentless in her pursuit of the enemy. There is only one problem: Esmore is struggling to repress the growing darkness that seduces her from within. Esmore takes another step into the darkness when she encounters a teasing, tantalizing — utterly unignorable — vampire. The lines between right and wrong are blurred further as Esmore gives into her temptation, and her reality becomes deliciously tainted both with evil and with lust.

This Blood (The Grace Allen Series) by Alisha Basso

When Grace Allen discovers a valuable ring in a gutter, she thinks it’s her lucky day, but, fate has other ideas. Now, Grace finds herself not only the keeper of tremendous power, but the only person in the world able to wield it.
Seth McPhee is a monster on the hunt and his prey has never been more seductive. While Grace’s powers will ensure his leadership in the underworld, her beauty will make her captivity a pleasure.
Rushing to the rescue is Lucian, a man who is more than he seems. Will he prove to be the white knight that he claims, or is he just another beautiful monster?
Battling fantastic creatures as well as her raging libido, Grace’s resolve is tested. Will she succumb to a life of lavish entrapment, or escape for an uncertain freedom?

Laura’s Locket by Tima Maria Lacoba

What would you do if you met the man of your dreams, who came to you only at night and promised you love everlasting? Eighteen-year-old Laura Dantonville meets handsome and mysterious Philippe in while on holiday in Italy, completely unaware of her own destiny and the part Philippe will play in it.


Wow! Pulling together this anthology was beautifully brilliant plan on the authors’ part. Every book pulled you in drawing you to phenomenal characters that rock you to your core! The desire and intrigue stays with you long after you’ve finished. Impeccably written and such a freshness of vampire styles that gives you peeks into their world that aren’t those average vampire books! It will sing to your heart. Beautiful! – Nook Books and More Blog

Dark Secrets

It’s dark, breathtakingly written yet suspenseful. You can sense the evilness coming and it’s intriguing to say the least. I look forward to reading more of the each of the writer’s highly addictive writing style.

The journey that results will inject a desire leaving you wit a fresh new interpretation then most books. Each book skirts the boundaries of reality and supernatural worlds in tense scenes that’s engrossing and hard to put down. -Nook Books and More Blog

The feeling of dark evil comes alive as the tale begins to heave in deep breaths, unsettling and brilliant in its execution by the authors.

Dark Secrets is a Book that I’ve read often over the years. The story is impeccable and the flow is beautifully written. AM Hudson is perhaps one of my most favorites! She’s what pulled me into the blogging world! This is one hell of a badass book!

Ara is a young girl with an indecisive yet stubborn nature. She suffers great loss so you can definitely understand her indecisiveness and weak in nature at this point in her life. Loss does this to you. So her nature is down to earth and relatable. You see Ara grow and become the person she’s destined to be as the pages turn. This is no light weight. Don’t let let that fool you because Ara has a badass waiting to come out! She’s strong to her core! You must read the series to see how her story develops! She’s one hell of a girl!

Then there is David. Oh my! Can we say HOT! I’m in love from the start. You see such a spirit that is charming yet loving with a secretive darkness you are eager to learn about. There are secrets, many secrets. It gets better each page you turn! He can walk in a room and everyone swoons. It’s amazing how the author shows you that in her writing. That is true talent! This book will rock you to your core!

Together they embark on a journey through their relationship and many changes as Ara steps into the vampire world with David. It’s exciting to see the next twist.

The other characters introduced keeps your soul electrified and leaves you wanting more! This is one book I love to reread as the characters draw you in and seeps into your soul.

This book has so many twist and turns that keeps you on edge. The plot keeps getting darker and darker so it pulls you into that suspense. Be prepared to stay with this book till it’s finished! You’ll definitely have one hell of a hangover.

The flow is beautifully written and sings to your heart. The characters let you relate because it’s typical teen drama amplified. A must read!

Token huntress

It’s Dark, Shocking, Stunning, Unbelievably fascinating all rolled into one! This book gives you a sense of freshness and different appeal then the average vampire novel- Nook Books and More Blog

Token Vampire is one mid blowing adventure! I did not think I could love this series anymore, until I read this book! Never before have I read a book since, Addison Moore or AM Hudson, that a story captured my every thought. I found myself dreaming about Esmore and Chase.

The flow of this book is very smooth and easy to stay focused. I even listened to text to speech afterwords because the flow was great.

Esmore becomes more Badass if that’s even possible. Her dark side is blooming in this book. She’s got an un denying love and passion for Chase that’s phenomenal. If she had a very important piece that her mother has keep hidden to keep her safe, then her passion would burn through those pages! Omg! When she does, I so want to be there!

Chase, he is dark and loves Esmore beyond anything you can Fathom. His character is strong and uses humor to help build others up. Reading through the battles these two are ones you really want to be on there side.

This book is really unusual because it has several story plots with twist and turns that manages to in capture your heart from the start. It pulls you in and embeds the words into your heart. Now I have a huge book hangover because I have to wait for book 3. Lol. Not to mention a huge Book boyfriend crush on CHASE! Omg can we say HOT! Oh and Kia what! Cliffhanger of a lifetime! I want more!

The story is epic! I managed to feel every emotion known to man! It’s so hard to read vampire books anymore because they are usually all the same but, when you find an author that can manage to pull you into all these emotions and give you one hell of a ride then you embrace it! All I can say is, hold on!

This Blood

It’s beautifully written yet prodigious and dark. It draws you in from the start. It will rock you to your core! Be prepared to follow this journey through to the end! The Grace Allen Series is phenomenal -Nook Books and More Blog

This Blood is one exceptional read! Not an ordinary vampire novel that’s for sure. The author is phenomenal in keeping you glued to the pages. She manages to give you every emotion to man and that’s an exceptional talent that’s few and far between.

Grace is a character to grows into her own and becomes the person she’s destined to be. She’s not only badass but funny and quirky and that gives a since of realness that one could relate too.

The men in this story makes you week in the knees! They are all amazing. There is Seth that is hard to turn away from. Grace has a pull towards him she doesn’t understand. His heart is cold but he is gorgeous! Life doesn’t seem to matter to him except for sustenance.

Lucian is a man of your dreams. He is thoughtful, considerate and a perfect fine looking gentlemen. He’d do anything for Grace. Grace wants that in her life but at the moment Seth ruined it.

Together these beings embark on a journey of adventure, torture, kick-ass events with passions in your wildest dreams. Be prepared it’s dark and bloody but freaking awesome!

The author is impeccable in her writing skills because it explains in such detail but makes it flows easily in a way that you can follow. For example, sometimes fight scenes are hard to follow but these are easy to follow in your head. You managed to have every emotion possible so be prepared to be on the edge of your seat. It’s a hell of a ride!

Laura’s Locket

It’s sweet, enduring yet suspenseful. Gives you a small glimpse into Laura’s world. Just enough to crave the Bloodgifted Series because you know the journey of suspense and intrigue is coming! A must read – Nook Books and More Blog

What a sweet wonderful read! I must have more! Laura’s Locket is a prequel to Bloodgifted. It takes you back to Laura’s younger years in a sweat romance that she began to get a taste of. It gives you a sense of a wonderful young romance that is forbidden.

This romance is in Italy and Laura stumbles upon a Frenchman and is instantly smitten from the start. There is so much detail that it allows you to feel as though that you are their at that moment with them and experiencing the same thing. You are on the edge of the seat at the same time.

The authors descriptions of detail was impeccable showing such depths in her writing style allowing you to see a piece of her story in her perspective. I’ll definitely be reading the entire series!

Review of Angelic Blood a Blood Singers Series by Tamara arose Blodgett

 Angelic Blood

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Angelic Blood
Bk 5
Blood Singers
Tamara Rose Blodgett


Her blood sings to them… a melody no supernatural can ignore.

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love.

Julia Caldwell lies in the middle of a battlefield dying of wounds inflicted by the newest enemy of the Singers—the demonic. When Fae, Were and vampire collide in alliance against a common enemy other than one another, the demonic brings turmoil beyond what any of the supernaturals can imagine.

After the genocide of the Singers of Region One, they will be forced to move into hiding. Jacqueline has redeemed herself and carries a progeny of importance and strength that the new enemy wants at all costs. Who of the Fae can be trusted after Tharell’s treachery—will the rogue Were damage or assist the remaining Region One Singers?

Can the greatest secret of their blood save the Singers from extinction and close the wound the demonic has made in a world run by humans, and ignorant of what lives among them? Or will fate decide evil deserves to rule instead of good.

Full length novel; New adult fiction, 17+


The baseline for this story is epic! It’s
prodigious, fun, yet forbidden and sinfully exceptional! A must read! – Nook Books and More Blog

The book gives you countless POV so you can follow each one with ease and really enjoyed it because I was able to see everything from each persons perspectives.

This world continues on its emotional roller coaster and bleeds into your heart. Be prepared to experience all emotions. You will not want to put this book down.

This series puts an amazing twist on such a diversity in the paranormal world. It explains the battles that all diversity struggle with even in their world. I found that interesting.

The twist and turns bring a new danger as more characters are introduced. The characters start to evolve. I was definitely on the edge of my seat!

There where flashbacks within the story that gave you an overall picture of the back story so it made it easier to follow. There was so much drama and active with such unusual plots that it was easy to keep you intrigued through out the entire book. I’m not sure why some maybe confused from all the different POV. This is awesome. Why wait a long time for a different POV when you can lose some of what’s going on from a past read. The flow was impeccably smooth. I was able to follow and not get lost on any scenes.

Angelic Blood is action packed with Tamara’s kick-butt, blood bath fight scenes,as well as her totally dark and twisted characters and an amazingly detailed storyline that will blow your mind.  The twists and plots in the story are ever changing and evolving along with the characters. There are so many characters involved so it keeps your interest peeked at its highest at all times! You think you know them and then wham and they’ve done a complete turn around!

This book is emotional, passionate yet disturbingly evil all at the same time. It’s prodigiously impeccable. Characters collide with each other giving you that on edge feeling during the entire book!

It is filled with overwhelming excitement and keeps the reader in suspense throughout. The suspense will kill you but will not disappoint! Once again I’m in awe of her book! Can’t wait til the next read!

A review of Under His Protection (The White Rose Trilogy Book 1)By Stacy Von Heagert

 Under his Protection
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Under His Protection 
(The White Rose Trilogy Book 1)
Stacy Von Heagert


What really happened to the two young princes of York, who were held prisoner in the tower of London by their ambitious uncle following the death of their father, King Edward of York? Some think one son escaped and was later executed by King Henry VII when he returned to claim his rightful throne. But not before he sired a child. In, Under His Protection, the first in a new trilogy, Stacy Von Haegert artfully combines history, action, humor, and sizzling passion to provide a theory for one of England’s greatest mysteries. The bloodline continues…

LONDON 1838, Present day…Title-hungry matrons of the upper class throw their daughters in Alexander’s path. But the Duke of Ravenswood has no desire to give up his rakish, gaming lifestyle to get hitched. When the Kingston family from New Orleans enters London, however, Alex quickly finds himself unwittingly entangled. With her spirited personality and innocent aversion to all things proper. Greyland Kingston completely knocks him off his game.

The gossip fans flutter when Queen Victoria asks Greyland and her eldest brother, Perkin, to dance the scandalous Viennese Waltz at the Royal ball. Who is this family? How do they know the Queen? Why do they bear such a strong resemblence to the late King of York? Trouble ensues in the form of jealous women, ambitious men, and a vengeful Irish clan. Alexander quickly finds that having Greyland for his own will come at a steep price. He must risk everything to keep her protected.


Stacy Von Haegert’s takes a new freshness on a historical fiction and makes into a storyline that will intrigue any book reader! I don’t read a lot of romance unless there’s an intrigues that pulls me in. I must admit the story does grab you from the first page and leaves you wanting more. Their is suspense, intrigue,adventure, and romance at every turn!

As Alexander the Duke of Ravenswood arrives in London in 1838 he quickly finds himself lost in the vortex that is Greyland Kingston “Grey” is so bewitching. The first time Alexander catches a glimpse of her. He realizes what he what he wants and sets his mind to it. He is so taken aback by her, in fact, you see a difference about her that women in that era do not show. He is drawn to her in so many ways. He knows from the start that his destiny is going to be forever intertwined with that of Greyland Kingston and that sentiment will definitely be put to the test.

This romance has more then just hot and steamy scenes, it has a storyline that draws you in and intrigues you till the end. You’re craving more at each turn of the page. The characters are easy to relate to better then the average historical romance. Their is a sense of humor about them that makes it more believably realistic then most books like this. The flow of writing style is impeccable and easy to follow.

It’s Frothy, beautifully written, smooth flow yet suspenseful. I must admit, it is extremely well written, and Stacy Von Haegert will definitely have my attention, regardless of the genre she pursues. – Nook Books and More Blog