Review of Angelic Blood a Blood Singers Series by Tamara arose Blodgett

 Angelic Blood

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Angelic Blood
Bk 5
Blood Singers
Tamara Rose Blodgett


Her blood sings to them… a melody no supernatural can ignore.

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Terrible Love.

Julia Caldwell lies in the middle of a battlefield dying of wounds inflicted by the newest enemy of the Singers—the demonic. When Fae, Were and vampire collide in alliance against a common enemy other than one another, the demonic brings turmoil beyond what any of the supernaturals can imagine.

After the genocide of the Singers of Region One, they will be forced to move into hiding. Jacqueline has redeemed herself and carries a progeny of importance and strength that the new enemy wants at all costs. Who of the Fae can be trusted after Tharell’s treachery—will the rogue Were damage or assist the remaining Region One Singers?

Can the greatest secret of their blood save the Singers from extinction and close the wound the demonic has made in a world run by humans, and ignorant of what lives among them? Or will fate decide evil deserves to rule instead of good.

Full length novel; New adult fiction, 17+


The baseline for this story is epic! It’s
prodigious, fun, yet forbidden and sinfully exceptional! A must read! – Nook Books and More Blog

The book gives you countless POV so you can follow each one with ease and really enjoyed it because I was able to see everything from each persons perspectives.

This world continues on its emotional roller coaster and bleeds into your heart. Be prepared to experience all emotions. You will not want to put this book down.

This series puts an amazing twist on such a diversity in the paranormal world. It explains the battles that all diversity struggle with even in their world. I found that interesting.

The twist and turns bring a new danger as more characters are introduced. The characters start to evolve. I was definitely on the edge of my seat!

There where flashbacks within the story that gave you an overall picture of the back story so it made it easier to follow. There was so much drama and active with such unusual plots that it was easy to keep you intrigued through out the entire book. I’m not sure why some maybe confused from all the different POV. This is awesome. Why wait a long time for a different POV when you can lose some of what’s going on from a past read. The flow was impeccably smooth. I was able to follow and not get lost on any scenes.

Angelic Blood is action packed with Tamara’s kick-butt, blood bath fight scenes,as well as her totally dark and twisted characters and an amazingly detailed storyline that will blow your mind.  The twists and plots in the story are ever changing and evolving along with the characters. There are so many characters involved so it keeps your interest peeked at its highest at all times! You think you know them and then wham and they’ve done a complete turn around!

This book is emotional, passionate yet disturbingly evil all at the same time. It’s prodigiously impeccable. Characters collide with each other giving you that on edge feeling during the entire book!

It is filled with overwhelming excitement and keeps the reader in suspense throughout. The suspense will kill you but will not disappoint! Once again I’m in awe of her book! Can’t wait til the next read!

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