Review of Dark Flame by Gena D. Lutz a Paranormal Hunter Series book 4


If you hunt paranormal creatures for a living, life can get pretty complicated. Just ask demon princess and paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale.

Sonnet has escaped demon-hell and is now faced with her biggest challenge yet—raising a rapidly growing dragon-shifter in a city full of magic and mayhem.
On top of all that, Phantom City residents are turning up dead, and the fire-breathing murderer is closer to Sonnet than she could’ve ever imagined, leaving her forced to choose between her heart, and what’s best for her daughter, Poppy Vale.


Once again in Gena D Lutz books. I’m pulled in by her lure of action and twist. A Phenomenal read that pulls at your very core. I could not wait to start this book because Sonnet Vale was one of my favorites so far.

Dark Flame lures you in, intrigues you, turns your world upside down. Just when you think you have it figured out it changes on you. I was so happy to see a deeper glimpse within a different beings in the paranormal world. It’s a definite twist when you get dragons, were, vampires and more. It’s forbidding, dangerous, yet desirable and luscious. It gets darker and wilder so prepare for a ride!

Sonnet shows you a lot more of her bad ass self but draws you into her net of people she realizes she’s connected too. There are secrets she doesn’t even know yet of Poppy. Together they embark on an adventure that holds Sonnet on the brink of no existence. The HOT were that Poppy desires does not disappoint! You’ll have to read to find out but, it will not disappoint!

The writer flows with her words effortlessly off the pages and is so in depth with characters that you are pulled in and on edge the entire time! Who can you trust? Who do you hate? Who do you love? What is trust in hell? She finds things of her life, her other family that she never knew about her daughter or her daughter never knew. Take a ride in to the deeper much darker world!

This book pulls you in and leaves you on the edge of the seat then at the end what’s you with one hell of a cliffhanger making you scramble to grab the next book. It’s words flow effortlessly off the page as does any if Gena’s books. They’ll keep you up for hours soaking in every word like a sponge. Be prepared for a huge book hangover. You’ll want to start into the next book right away because as usual this cliffhanger leaves you biting your nails. Way to go Gena! That was one hell of a ride!

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Paranormal hunter, Sonnet Vale, has the unique ability to hunt and kill vampires. But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger is about to change everything, teaching Sonnet what it’s like to be hunted and possessed.
Paranormal Hunter Series
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Review of Book 2 of the Daearen Realms Series "Bienn-Theine" by Emmy Gatrell


Mathew has a lot on his plate. After finding out that his best friend Sarette is actually his cousin, a fairy, and destined to be queen, he also learns that he’s a prince and an heir to the Fire Fey throne. Now instead of applying to colleges and sucking down Boston Coolers in Michigan, he must travel through Daearen to Bienn-Theine, the fire realm, to claim his birthright and fight the dark magic threatening to take all that Mathew holds dear— the woman he has come to adore, Sarette and the family he just found, the fey he has come to love, and the land that becomes home. Mathew must become both a man and a prince to defeat the dark fey threatening the balance between good and evil, not only in the Daearen realms, but on earth as well.


Well written, vividly graphic, heart grasping, intoxicating and inviting…It’s prodigious, fun, yet forbidden and the diversity keeps you on your toes! A must read! – Nook Books and More Blog

This world puts you on such an emotional roller coaster and bleeds into your heart. Be prepared to experience all emotions. You will not want to put this book down.

This series puts an amazing twist on such a diversity in the paranormal world. This journey has brought characters together that needed each other in so many more ways than even you would expect. There were promises made and broken, love fulfilled and betrayed. We see our heroine embarks on a journey that is totally different then her life now. She soon learns her life is nothing of what she has known and embarks on an abyss of a journey.

I really enjoyed watching their family dynamics and how they nurtured each other and grow. Love is such a powerful emotion that exist and that explains this through out this story. There are many twist and turns in the story. Perhaps the most I’ve ever seen in a series. Each relationship pulls you in because it’s hot yet forbidding and dangerous with some. There’s a sense of much darker adventure as they are constantly striving to keep each other safe.

But wait the story doesn’t stop there! It seems, no matter which direction the these characters seem to turn, someone or something is trying to come between them. Though sometimes they put it on themselves, the journey is epic as it continues to play out! The twist and turns are phenomenal. I couldn’t put it down!

Overall, the story has lots of twists and turns with plenty of nice surprises. It has well written sexual tension that both maintained integrity for the story but was also age appropriate. The flow of the book bleeds nicely off the page making it easier to follow the journey and not get lost in the book or bored. There’s also a significant amount of action, making it a very compelling read! Great job Ms. Gatrell!

Daearen Realms Series


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Review of Willa Wicked by AM Hudson Best Selling Author of Dark Secrets Series


All Henry thinks about is death. But he doesn’t want to die.
All Willa wants is to make sure he’s okay, but the secrets he holds keep him distant from everybody.

When she befriends Henry after his return from near-death, things Willa thought were real suddenly take on a new shape, teaching her that sometimes there’s more to dying than death, and that life in a magic-less realm doesn’t have to be a life without magic.

From the award-winning author AM Hudson comes this dark and enchanting spin on a fairytale that will hold you hostage until the last page.


Willa Wicked that pulls you in. The characters have a way of pulling you in. They are all unique in a way that gives it a different appeal then the average paranormal read. That’s why I love AM Hudson’s work. There’s a sense of freshness, an appeal that you never read elsewhere and a beauty of rawness that is beyond impeccable and realistic. Just when you think there is no hope, things change at the drop of a dime! A M Hudson is so good at that.

This novella took me by surprise. I’m a fan of the Dark Secrets series by A.M. Hudson and have been since 2011 so I was curious to see how this compared to her other novels, and all I can say is wow! At first, I wasn’t sure because it’s for middle school aged on up. This book is a wonderful charming tale with lots of adventure and a twist that has a bite! I would love to read more about Willa. It was awesome. If you loved Red, you’ll love Willa Wicked!

The authors writing style is truly exceptional, the characters are great, the story is exceptional, and the underlying message I felt in the story is absolutely incredible.

Love is such a powerful emotion that exist and that explains this through out this story. There are many twist and turns in the story. Perhaps the most I’ve ever seen in a series. Each relationship pulls you in because it’s hot yet forbidding and dangerous with some. It’s a phenomenal read that will blow you away!

The authors words flow effortlessly off the page and it’s easy to follow. You stay focused throughout the book not getting lost like some authors in their adventure scenes. I loved the different characters and they draw you into their world making you feel as though you are really their. Thanks AM Hudson for one hell of a ride!

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A witch. An evil stepmother. A boy with a secret.

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