Review of Stolen Kisses a 3:AM Kisses book 11 by Addison Moore

Addison Moore
Stolen Kisses
3:AM Kisses book 11

 Stolen Kisses

*Can be a standalone*


Tall, tatted, and drop dead gorgeous? Grant Jones is sex on a stick —which explains why every female at Whitney Briggs University gravitates in his direction. Every girl wants to bed him, and every guy wants to be him. Grant is the whole package, and I cannot wait to do a little unwrapping.

Ava is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. But I’ve tried relationships, and they don’t work out for me. The truth is, I’ve never let the deep wound of losing my sister, Steph, heal properly. I’m taking a break from relationships to mend my heart the right way.

But Ava isn’t giving up. She’s sweet, and fun, and that soul melting smile of hers gets me every time. Maybe letting Ava in will be far more healing than trying to do this on my own. Stephanie would want me to be happy. I know she would.

And just as soon as a ray of happiness enters my world, I’m faced with the crushing truth about who Ava really is. Instead of healing, I’ve managed to split my heart wide open. The devastating truth is, Ava and I were never meant to be in the same room—let alone spend a lifetime together. Unless another twist of fate intervenes, our time together will never amount to more than a few Stolen Kisses.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison MooreCosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”


The more I read Addison’s work the more I’m in love with the characters. They wrap an invisible cloak around your heart keeping you close to them long after the words bleed off the page.

It’s light, fun, exoctic, at heartfelt, yet full of spunk. It hilariously funny yet so real it makes you feel you’re apart of the story -Nook Books and More Blog.

Ava and Grant are on fire in this book. Are they in love or are they just having fun? There journey is about getting over lose and going on with there life. It gets complicated once things unfold because they have much more to do with there families lives then they thought. Can they overcome this? You’ll have to read and see. This is not just a steamy romance but passion drives this plot. It’s about a journey among friends and healing along the way

The main characters of this book are hilariously funny, witty, and charming. The cluster of friends have a unique bond and explain the average lives and experience people endure. The story brings a true life experience out of it along with a love that’s desirable in any eye.

I would highly recommend this series and really any book that this author has ever written . She pulls her heart in soul into her writing. She’s impeccable in her writing skills let me tell ya! This series each book can be read as a standalone. It’s refreshing when you’re pushed for time.

I freaking loved this book! Five stars baby!!

Stolen Kisses by Addison Moore is releasing Oct 25th!
This is the 11th book in the bestselling 3:AM Kisses series. 
Each book can be read as a standalone.

Review of Lost Fortune -Historical Western Romance By Sandra E Sinclair

Sandra E Sinclair
Lost Fortune
Historical Western Romance

 Lost Fortune
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Lost Fortune – Historical Western Romance

“What do you do when the world as you know it is ripped from under you, and everything you believed to be true no longer makes sense?”

Rilla travels across the pond to Boston, the place of her birth. After eight years away, she discovers her very existence has been a lie. The people she thought she knew, and those she loved, had kept secrets and lies that could bring scandal and shame if they are discovered. Everything she holds dear could be taken from her. Making matters worse, she is being hunted by a stranger whose sole purpose is to separate her from her inheritance, leaving her in ruin.

Left with no other choice, Rilla must flee for her very life.

Calvin Dalton has been sent by the Pinkerton Agency to recover a lost fortune. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman on the train into town left him breathless, and unable to get the exotic beauty out of his mind. He is delighted to discover they are staying at the same boardinghouse, even though he knows he has no time to become sweet on the girl. He’d been sent there to do a job, so he’d have to fall in love on his own time. However, when he agreed to take on the job, he had no idea where this journey would lead him, or the lives he’d ruin with his investigation. Calvin’s heart and his job were on a collision course of disaster.

What will happen when the mysterious woman he’d met on the train becomes his prime suspect? It appears his heart wasn’t the only thing she’d stolen.


It’s fun, romantic, yet full of spunk. It hilariously funny yet so real you feel like you’re back in time -Nook Books and More Blog.

I enjoy Historical Romances every now and then. It gives you that rustic feel yet a taste of yesterday and freshness that you crave. You are automatically drawn into the story as you get familiar with the characters. The authors pulses in a twist of each characters pov which is quite refreshing for a change. You get to know each character and understand there passion as it unfolds. The history line pulls you in because it’s intriguing yet intriguing. It makes you want a taste of It yourself.

The plot is full of mystery, suspense, secrets, devious characters, nefarious acts, and then throw in a determined woman, who won’t let anyone stop her from what’s rightfully hers? You’ll have to read the story. The storyline is full of intrigue and details that bring you back in time.

Calvin just get this beauty out of his mind. He craves more but little does he know it embarks on a journey that not only rocks there world and change things. The drama pulls you in and the laughs keep you glued. It’s an enduring love story that sings to your heart.

The words flowed nicely and kept you intrigued throughout the story. The historical facts throughout seemed believable. This enchantment of a story make you crave to go back an enjoy a love the “old school” way. Kudos to Sinclair!

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Review of The Best Friend by Shalini Boland

Shalini Boland
The Best Friend 

 The Best Friend

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Best Seller on Amazon of The Girl from the Sea brings you another phenomenal stunning Suspenseful Read!


They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . Wrong.

Louisa’s new best friend has it all – the house, the status, the money. But she’s also hiding a dark secret. And as Louisa is drawn deeper into her friend’s life, events take a chilling turn . . .


It’s incredibly adventurous yet It’s Dark, Prodigious, Shocking, Stunning, Unbelievably fascinating. It’s impeccable writing skills down to it’s core! It’s a suspenseful yet rocks you with disturbance to your very core! You are utterly terrified at times and on edge yet, screaming at the characters.

But, all in all its a wonderful read and will definitely keep you on your toes!

At every chilling turn your mind goes into overdrive with pure suspense and horror for this main character. Will she ever get her life back? You have to read! There are so many characters that are not as they seem. Who can you trust? The synopsis says “They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . Wrong.” well this really fits that book! Wow factor is phenomenal!

Shalini Boland draws her characters to new heights and adventure that is yet again both fascinating and intriguing to say the least. I usually don’t read psychological thriller, suspense books but, this book pulled me into every twist and plot making my soul yearn for more. I will definitely read and suggest you should read anything this lady writes. It’s a true talent. starts making some changes that surprise people from that life. But there’s where the similarity ends. There is a dark, foreboding menace hanging over Boland’s book that is completely absent from Moriarty’s. Different takes, both engaging.

The flow of the book and writing style is also phenomenal. It’s beautifully writing and flows with ease that you don’t get bored in any areas. You stayed glued to the pages until the very last.

The plot and twist just seem to come from no where with turns you’d never suspect. You will not be disappointed at all! If you like the intrigue of different and unreliability the author throws you then you’ll love this. Often so many books seem to become and you can actually figure out what’s going to happen. This is a problem with avid readers over time and you get sort of in a reading rut. This book gives you that freshness you need. Way to go Shalini!

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Review of Unlike any Other by Claudia Borgoa

Claudia Burgoa
Unlike Any Other
The Unexpected Series

 Unlike Any Other

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The name AJ Colthurst may not have any meaning to the public eye, but it should, as I’m the daughter of two famous celebrities. Like any superstar, they crave privacy; so much of it, they built a house in the middle of nowhere for us children. As we grew older, we discovered the lies they built as a fort to protect us from the media, ended up causing emotional damage along the way.
I carry a portion of the guilt on my shoulders; the other part I discovered is the separation of my parents. Their unorthodox ways may have driven me bonkers, but knowing they are no longer together is unacceptable.
That’s why I decided to rattle their cage by reminding at least one of my parents of the past and the reason they belong together. They need to remember why their love is so perfect and why they have to fight to keep it alive. Even if it means I have to dredge up some of my own painful memories along the way.
Back in the early eighties, I set myself to succeed in the financial world. The first step had been moving to New York City to become a stockbroker, but things didn’t work out the way I had hoped. Instead, I ended up making movies and by the end of the decade, Gabe Colt had become a famous name. The downside to my career of choice: the paparazzi. In order to protect my family and our privacy, I maintained my family away from the circus. It had been for their own good; a decision we had made before we started our family.
However, those past decisions ended up chasing my entire family away and now I’m trying to put the pieces back together along with my little girl.

Note: This book may contain high levels of testosterone. A Hot Actor, Hot musicians and A Hottie who believes he’s a hero.


It’s fun, amazingly hilarious yet enduring at times and suspenseful. It keeps you on the edge! -Nook Books and More Blog

The dual POV, provides a complete view of the Colthurst-Decker family and the relationship between the parents and children. I can say that around 60% into the story the revelation as to the family secret was definitely not something I expected but it was perfect for this story.

Right from the start you get sucked right into A.J.’s Story. Imediately you are drown in. This was an emotional read yet so relatable even though the story revolves around a celebrity’s life because it’s about family and the relationships and dynamics which we can all relate to. The plot hangs on the concept of time, that weaves through our lives, our memories, emotions and even the mundane. Yet, it’s not chronological, Ms. Burgoa takes us from past to present and back in a storytelling fashion that’s captivating. I did during this time find it hard and had to check back a couple times to see who was who at first with in these lines. But it didn’t take long to follow along with in the story. You will be pleased!

Her characters have such strong feelings and emotions that make you relate to on such another level of realness to it. Though each one has endured so much of there personal hell, they still have a since of a pure good heart but still each has a strong mind and will to accomplish what they want and not become victims in their lives. I love it!

The flow and writing style of this book is truly epic and phenomenal. Addison’s skills are amazingly wonderful at keeping a reader focused and intrigued through the entire story. I’d definitely read anything she has to write. I love each of her books all the genres. She’s truly amazing writer. I read a lot of books but her stories are a definite favorite. I recommend them to all!

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Review of Never Die by N.L. Hoffman

 Never Die
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N.L. Hoffman
Never Die
Stand alone


Never give up. Never surrender.

Never Die.

Riley Cole is a lone wolf. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

After living through a bleak childhood and pathetic excuses for parents, Riley left the backwoods town of Luna Hill, Missouri happily in her rear view mirror. Her survival instincts and natural independence brought her to Chicago, where she discovered her calling as a private investigator.

However, when a mysterious stranger from her hometown requests her services, Riley must summon all of her courage to face the ghosts of her past.

As she gets closer to the answers that she seeks, something otherworldly happens. Riley becomes an actual wolf.

With the help of Sheriff Luke Thatcher, can Riley get to the truth and save those closest to her before it’s too late?


Well written, vividly graphic, heart grasping, intoxicating and inviting…It’s dangerously delicious, fun, yet forbidden and the diversity keeps you on your toes! A must read! – Nook Books and More Blog

Never Dies throws you a truly phenomenal read. The novel opens with a P.I. coming to her old town to investigate a child missing. She has lots a skeletons in her closest and a past that she is not looking forward to meeting up with. The plot only thickens when she uncovers things that are mind blowing and life changing. A Phenomenal read that pulls at your very core as the plot thickens and twist and turns you do not expect. But it doesn’t stop there! There are Hot juicy Alpha’s in the mix and it gets steamy!

This series puts an amazing twist on such a diversity in the paranormal world. This journey has brought characters together that needed each other in so many more ways than even you would expect. There were promises made and broken, love fulfilled and betrayed. We see our heroine embarks on a journey that is totally different then her life now. She soon learns her life is nothing of what she has known and embarks on an abyss of a journey.

I really enjoyed watching their family dynamics and how they nurtured each other and grow. Love is such a powerful emotion that exist and that explains this through out this story. There are many twist and turns in the story. Perhaps the most I’ve ever seen in a series. Each relationship pulls you in because it’s hot yet forbidding and dangerous with some. There’s a sense of much darker adventure as they are constantly striving to keep each other safe.

But wait the story doesn’t stop there! It seems, no matter which direction the these characters seem to turn, someone or something is trying to come between them. Though sometimes they put it on themselves, the journey is epic as it continues to play out! The twist and turns are phenomenal. I couldn’t put it down! Each character comes to life and bleeds off the pages with their own unique style and freshness. The ability to make such diversity in the characters, their abilities, and their characteristics is phenomenal. It definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. Can we say cliffhanger! Omg you experience many different emotions that keep your heart racing.

I have so many questions of each character. This story could continue on and on with each individual characters of uniqueness and individuality. I can’t wait to hear about Alex!

The authors words flow effortlessly off the page and it’s easy to follow. You stay focused throughout the book not getting lost like some authors in their adventure scenes. I loved the different characters and they draw you into their world making you feel as though you are really their. The right balance of hotness, steamy scenes to back up with a true heroine kick ass feel with Alphas to boot is awesome! Thanks Ms. Hoffman for one hell of a ride!