Review of Spell Hell book 1 of Witches Brew by N.L. Hoffman

N L Hoffman
Spell Hell
A Undercover Witch
Witches Brew Book 1

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Casting Hell…one spell at a time.

Who knew that a single witch could have so many forces troubling her community? Everyone seems to get a case to work except Sophie Dexter, but when the Witches’ Council finally assigns her one, it comes along with an egotistical, jerky vampire that seems to have it out for witches. At least, that’s what Sophie suspects.

Riverdale, Colorado is where it all begins. Witches go missing, and then are found…murdered. What do they all have in common, besides being dead? They were all hired-and subsequently fired-by the jerky vampire and powerful software magnate himself, Drake Jacobi.

Sophie must go undercover as one of Drake’s secretaries in order to discover what is really going on at his company. Will her arsenal of spells prevent her fate from becoming the same as the others before her? Or will her own destiny be even worse if she falls under the spell of the handsome vampire?


Well written, vividly graphic, heart grasping sexy, intoxicating and inviting…It’s dangerously delicious, yet fun! – Nook Books and More Blog

Spell Hell a new series is by far one hell of a ride. I really enjoyed the twist of vampires and witches entwined with the legend of Merlin. That gives it a different feel of the average paranormal read. It made the plot thicken that much more. It intrigues me to learn more. Perhaps a spin off from that story is in the future. I sure hope so.

Sophie works for the witch counsel. She’s beautiful, witty, yet very independent and all the sass warped into one kick ass heroine. She has a problem with the head counsel perhaps it’s jealousy? Who knows. You’ll have to read to find out. She discovers through her ancestors pretty powerful things for her destiny. She’s a tough cookie with the sensitivity that most women have.

She meets Drake one hot vampire with charm. Drake is domineering yet sexy and sophisticated. It’s hard to focus around this man because he bleeds sex. Together they embark on journey to try to solve these murders. Will they survive the powers set against them? We will see.

Other characters are brought in to make the twist and mystery seem that much more tantalizing. Each relationship pulls you in wanting more. There is a sense of darkness with a hint of insularity through the story that make you feel on edge.

But wait the story doesn’t stop there! It seems, no matter which direction the these characters seem to turn, someone or something is trying to come between them. Though sometimes they put it on themselves, the journey is epic as it continues to play out! The twist and turns are phenomenal. I couldn’t put it down! Each character comes to life and bleeds off the pages with their own unique style and freshness.

As usual the last book I read from this author the words flow effertly off the page with no problem at all following through the plot. You stay focused throughout the book not getting lost like some authors in their adventure scenes. I loved the different characters and they draw you into their world making you feel as though you are really their. The right balance of hotness, steamy scenes to back up with a true heroine kick ass feel that you crave!

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