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I love to have fun, joke, surf the net, fb, stalk my fav authors, but my favorite pass time is to read I love to go to my little special place and get comfortable and read . I enjoy Iced coffee extra cream no sugar. I’m truly addicted!! I love God. If it weren’t for him, I would not be here. I have lost two two teenage children over the past few years so that’s why I have drown myself back into my true passion once again, reading. I became disabled and I thought to myself, why would I let this stop me? So, I started to talk to my favorite authors out of love and fun and sharing their books. I found more friends then I could ever possible imagine! I created bonds that are amazing!  Sometime when you say things in writing you are much more passionate then you could ever be if you were in person. I guess that’s why theirs such a connection on fb felt with social media today.  You just have to make sure you tap into the possitve ones, because their is alot of ones out thier that try to bring you down.  Don’t let it, keep your face in the stars, and your live life to its fullest because it is so short.  Live, love, and laugh often.   I have found so many really cool friends and love you guys and your support!!!