Book Marketing and PA Services

I customize a professional custom release about your book and submit it for various areas of my social media. I also send to my large list of bloggers to let them know about the release of your book. I post the release on all social media on the day of the release and pin it during the entire time of the tour. I can do a one week to a two week tour that is the usual.

We create a buzz banner (same size as our tour banners) for you to share on Facebook, advertising, and other social media. We also include a Facebook banner for your page.

One day you might just decide that you are wanting to get your book out to more areas on the internet or just want bloggers to know about your book? We prepare a form to fill out and create a document as well as HTML on our website and email the easy to post HTML for it to our large group of bloggers that signed up with your book information and social media follows. You will receive a signup list of the ones needing interview questions and/or reviews.

(Add a contest for a little extra I will help you get that started. *We do not guarantee any specific # of reviews, we email to our list and distribute the signup list to you and let you know the date the bloggers will post*)

My Publicity Package consists of a custom made Publicity Package, Buzz Banner set, email blast to our bloggers, contest to grow your social media, Message to our Book Community about your Book and review requests. *We do not guarantee any specific # of reviews, we email to our list and distribute the book for you and let you know the date the bloggers will post*

I offer Personal Assistant Services for authors. Use my expertise and wide array of contacts to your advantage.I strive on building your brand, gathering reviews, building your social media, and more. I can offer a very reasonable set rate or and hourly rate depending on your needs.You will be billed monthly.I will create, organize, and run your street team. will create banners for all our needs.I have a ban of team members that follow me on most of my teams. We pimp out together as a team and I encourage to reward the top two pampers for the month in prizes. I have two administrators one is a Mediator that counts points and sets up files with in the group and the other is the teaser coordinator that creates professional looking teasers and banners for us. I would suggest compensating them a little more in prizes. This team is aggressive and very well organized. I pimp out the authors material on all social media as well as my blog and any and all groups accordingly.

I will create an advert on the side bar of a clickable image of your choice. It usually runs from one week to two unless you are needing a long term contract. I offer affordable prices and some of the package combined can offer a streamline of advertisement for you. You can PM my personal page Julia Summers PA on the price list available. Thank you! I’m looking forward to our adventure!