Julia’s Tips and Tricks to Blogging


I started blogging a couple of years ago this August. I wish I had someone to talk me through it because there are so many easy tips you could benefit from. It’s unbelievable. Below are some things I have found out. Though I am on blogger, I am also trying to build on WP as well. There are so many benefits to both.

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  • Give your blog a layout makeover every so often a freshness to the change in social media is a plus
  • Make sure you have an about page that represents who you are and what you do
  • Organize your blog labels so readers can find the content they are looking for more easily
  • Don’t waste your footer space it can become dead space
  • Create an editorial calendar to keep track of ideas and post dates.  I found this out the hard way.  My blog grew fast so its easy to get lost in the tons of emails and notes
  • Avoid blogger burnout
  • Feel like you’re running out of material? Brainstorm some thoughts on material.  
  • Google things and topics you’d like to discuss to make your blog unique
  • Make sure readers are commenting on your blog
  • Commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to engage with someone you respect, and for others to notice you
  • Learn to use photoshop actions if you don’t have it, then gimp is a free version to enhance photos
  • Know when it’s OK to use someone else’s photo on your blog or social media
  • Set up rich pins to ensure that when photos from your blog are pinned, all of the important information gets pinned with it
  • Try offering an email newsletter to your readers to ensure active engagement
  • Research how to turn your blogging hobby into a paid job 
  • If you make over a certain amount figure out how to file taxes on it 
  • Take a class to improve your blogging skills 
  • The best payment tool is paypal, it is also the safest
  • If you go to signings bring business cards this can help get the word out such as vistaprint they are amazingly cheap 

1. BlOGGER vs. WP

I LOVE blogger but WP has more features, like awesome Plugins that make my site run smoothly and look pretty. If you plan to be blogging a year from now and you want to earn money on your blog, go with WP. If Blogging is just a hobby of yours and you aren’t trying to make anything of it, Blogger is just perfect. My family blog is still hosted by blogger.

If you are on blogger like I am, I have tried the switch several times and it is so frustrating. So, with help I will be transitioning over but, using this site as a benefit as well. If you don’t know someone very knowledgable that will help you, try looking on Etsy to find someone. It’s so worth it! I have not yet mastered that and am still researching.  Know that researching things, task, and techniques are the key to blogging.  You learn better by doing this because you are actually doing it hands on.


I started having more confidence in my blog when “bigger bloggers” featured my ideas. But don’t sit around and wait for those sites to find you. Here are a few suggestions:
Link up to link parties. All of the features we write on Somewhat Simple are ideas that were linked to our parties. I have participated some in these like Blog Hops
Email the blogs that feature other people’s projects with links to your projects. DON’T spam though- make it personalized and email them just a few of your recent links maybe once a month- not weekly. Or daily, for that matter!
Ask other bloggers to “blog swap” with you. Blog swapping was probably the best way I found to get site exposure. In the beginning, I set aside every Friday to blog swap with someone, meaning I would do a project for their site, they would do one for mine. It was a great way to introduce yourself to another audience and gain new readers. This is probably the hardest thing out there because I spend a lot of my time researching and promoting for my authors.  I am trying to build this blog so that my authors I promote have better exposure.

Don’t forget the power of Social Media. Let’s be honest, Pinterest has changed things- Pinterest is awesome and so wonderful with creative ideas and tricks, my number 1 referring site month after month. Feel free to pin the HECK out of your stuff (as long as you’re also pinning from other sites too!) Facebook and Twitter are great ways to interact with your fans, Instagram let’s your fans to learn more about you personally, and g+ is amazing! They have book collections you can set up of your favorite authors and you can join groups.  So when you go to those collections, you can share directly to where the groups are.  It’s not just for your blog, you can share in groups and much more, even blogs!  Don’t feel like you have to jump on every social platform- find what works for you and go crazy with it! I have noticed since I have been on all sites my other sites are starting to really flourish. This one major thing that I do a lot of. I just recently the last few months started building them up.


Learn real fast to deal with criticism and discouragement because it happens to the biggest and best bloggers out there. I have been slammed on a message board for a project I did and it hurt my feelings. On the bright side, it was a HUGE message board, so my numbers for the day were crazy high! I don’t like mean people, but sometimes you just gotta deal with them. The best way I have found to deal with them is to avoid them. You might lose friends or who you think are friends but, are they really? I have been used in several ways to take things from me even in a way Authors have no clue. Even sometimes by authors.  My number one motto is that if they don’t lift you up and you see negativity, leave the situation. It’s so not worth it.  Number one motto is Avoid drama at all cost!  If you can’t avoid a person, you can always block them.

4. I CAN

Like The little engine that could, You have to keep telling your sell “I Can”, not “I think I can”. This world of blogging is a huge place. you have so many out their. Don’t expect overnight success. And don’t expect to get rich blogging. Decide why you really went in to it in the first place.


In my experience. Graphics are a huge thing in catching the eye. People are drawn to them. Especially ones that are book hoarders, and fans. They love to catch a glimpse of things about their favorite author or blogger.


People like to know the person behind the posts. With that said, remember that being forward may offend some. Its fun to read a little glimpse into an authors life. There is a fine line between no personality and too much rambling- but find the sweet spot and your readers will love you for it!


I use to stress so much over daily post or sharing post and doing things for authors, but eventually came to the realization that my life does not revolve around a post and neither do the lives of my readers! As much as I love to blog and it is something I am passionate about, if you can’t then it’s no longer a thing for you.

8. BE TRUE (It really does pay off)

Do what you love and stick to that. If you don’t like something don’t post about it. It will show in your post and the compassion is just not there.

Blogging can be rewarding in many ways. You do meet people that become some of the best friends that are really their for you. That is a reward in itself. While its stressful, I think blogging is so much more rewarding then anything I have accomplished online. While you may not get much money sometimes its nice to have an adult outlet with a virtual high five and validation for my creative endeavors.